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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> in the news this sunday morning, january 29th, police arrest hundreds of occupy oakland protestors during a demonstration throughout the day and into the night in downtown oakland. and richmond police are searching for a suspect who viciously beat an elderly woman, leaving her with life-threatening injury. >> good morning. partly cloudy skies. temperatures not as cold. >> thanks for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. dozens of police remain on guard at oakland city hall this hour after arresting nearly 300 occupy oakland demonstrators last night. tier gas and gas bang grenades mark the most turn plant clash
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with police since their encampment was torn down last september. there were last arrests at the downtown ymca. one band of roaming protesters also damaged city hall. the damage inside is still being assessed this morning. sergio reports. >> city hall became one of the targets of demonstrators when a few people managed to force their way in and make a mess of the place a visibly flustered jean quan voiced her frustration with the latest demonstration. >> the occupy oakland has got to stop using oakland as its playground and that people in the community and people in the occupy movement have to stop making excuses for this behavior. >> at the height of protestors during the day, demonstrators squared off at police. some tossed objects at officers and police responded. as the day war on, several
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conflicts erupted, like this one near 14th and broadway. i talked to one woman who watched as the action went down. she said the police are too heavy handed. >> i will say sometimes protestors get upset and do some things to but eye think it's wrong. it's like they are taking a sledge hammer to kill a flea or something. >> but after watching officers get objects thrown at them and people bricking into city haul, leaders are at wits end. >> it amounts to domestic terrorism when people start taking buildings and it start costing the city an incredible amount of resources. >> one of the buildings a large group rushed was a downtown ymca. police removed a few dozen from inside and encircled another inside. police plan on holding and charging all of them. >> i expect in the future the level violence and everything that preceded this on the internet, all their tweets, which they know we read, their
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intent is to commit acts of violence. vandalism and break into something that doesn't belong to them. >> abc7 news in oakland. >> the protestors broke into city hall around 8:00 last night. photos taken by our media partner, the san jose mercury news, show them burning the american flag taken from the building. and take a look inside city hall. they damaged an haval box and several pieces of art, including a recycling exhibit created by children. the demonstrators issued an e-mail saying occupy okay lands building occupation, an act of constitutionally protected civil disobedience, was disrupted by a brutal police response. this afternoon occupy protestors plan to march on a san jose bank that they accuse of predatory lending practices. members of occupy san jose and occupy redwood city will he prot at 2:00. they say the bank is foreclosing
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on two homes, including one be long to go a 72-year-old woman whose home is said to be auctioned off on valentine's day. an 81-year-old el~cerrito woman is fighting foreher life this after being brutality assaulted yesterday. she was going for a walk. >> the manager of this tire store on an pablo avenue in richmond, doesn't usually look at that corner of the property until late in the day. at 9:00 a.m. when he went to park a car he saw a woman on the ground. when i asked her if she needed help, she looked up at me. her face was swollen, blood everyone where and she just nodded. she didn't answer. >> he called 911. richmond police arrived within minutes. >> the victim is in critical condition at a local hospital. at this point we aren't even sure she's going to survive her injuries. >> the 81-year-old victim had to
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be airlifted to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. she's lived here more than 15 years. it was three blocks away from where she was found. a neighbor who doesn't want to see on camera said she often went to early morning walks. >> he saw her walking 4:30:00 in the morning. one. our neighbors saw her. she would go very early. >> a friend of the victim, and also in this photo, is now frightened. >> it's a shock. i know it's a danger to be, you know, walking early in the morning like that. but now it's all different now. you have to be very really careful. >> she said she's going to change her mother's routine. >> i'm not going to let her walk around anymore. she can probably use the treadmill in here but not walk around. >> people don't know if the attack happened last night or early in the morning. they also don't know the motive behind the attack. >> it could possibly be a sexual assault too. we aren't ruling that out. >> the last word from police is that the woman, whose name has not been released, is in very
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critical conditions. workers at the tire store say the area is heavily trafficked so perhaps someone saw the attack. richmond police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. in the newsroom, abc7 news. this morning the 15-year-old son after couple found dead in oakland is in custody. a suspect in their murders. the bodies of a 55-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman were found in a car outside a home friday night. earlier in the day police conducted a welfare check of the home after one of the residents failed to show up for work. officers said nothing appeared suspicious, but about six hours later they received another call, and returned to the home. that's when they found the bodies. the first murder victim of the year in san leandro is a 15-year-old girl. police are on the hunt for 19-year-old lee own who is also the father of the victim's nine-month-old baby. the oakland resident is believed
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to be driving a 2004 escalade with black rims. friday night they went to the house and found the seen ager with several stab wounds to her upper body. she has not been identified. a young man is in critical condition at san francisco general hospitals this morning after being shot several times. it happened yesterday morning in visitation valley. a man in his 20s was found lying in the street at sunny dale avenue and hahn street. investigators have not released any information about a suspect. tomorrow a vigil will mark the 23rd anniversary of the disappearance of eileen mishalof. she was 13 when she disappeared while walking home from school. vinal i will will retrace her steps along the route where she disappeared. catholic church is challenging the federal deposit over some 6,000 deportation necessary the bay area. hundreds of people went to saint mary's cathedral yesterday to protest those arrests, made
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under a federal program designed to secure communities. escom requires local law enforcement officers to share information about people they arrest with the federal government. the goal is to deport criminals who are here illegally. >> we need to stand by our brothers and sisters here in the city of st. francis particularly, but we need a national policy. in the meantime we have to to take our own destiny in our own hands to deserve people the dignity they deserve and realize this is is problem that will not go away. >> the church and it's supporters want governor brown and attorney general harris to reform the program. illinois and washington are among several states of that already adopted similar reforms. coming up next, the battle for florida continues, as one of the candidates picks up a new endorsement. a deadly crash after a light rail train slams into an s.u.v.. what investigators say the driver did that caused the accident.
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>> the florida primary is coming up soon. last night herman cain offered his endorsement. here's abc chuck zest son with the details. >> at his final stop after a full day of campaigning across florida, newt gingrich formally got the backing of his former rival, herman cain. >> i hereby splish enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for the president of the united states. >> i had no idea it would be this interesting of an evening. herman, thank you very, very much. >> he is not going down without
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a fight. >> we have to have a conservative, otherwise we are going to be as frustrated with the republican as we were with the democrat. >> mitt romney campaigned like a front runner the florida panhandle, taking aim at p.m.. >> that state of the union address, that really was amazing. he was at florida at disney world a couple weeks ago speaking at fantasy land. i don't think he left. >> and attacking gingrich. >> we allowed him to lead our party. what happened four years later in well, he was find for ethics violations. he ultimately had to design in disgrace. >> one new romney ad shows a news report from the night gingrich was fined. >> they found him guilty of ethics violations and find him a substantial penalty. >> romney's camp is refusing to take down the ad before tuesday's primary. gingrich's camp called the ad dishonest. regardless of the outcome in florida, gingrich balloons stay in the race until the senate
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convention this summer. abc news. >> sacramento police say the driver of an s.u.v. drove around a guardrail on train tracks, resulting in the deaths of three people, including a baby. the collision with a light rail train happened just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. authorities say the train hit the vehicle, pushing it 20 yards. the s.u.v. flipped over and came to rest on its roof. a passenger on the train says the conductor hit the brakes hard. >> then it was like, you know, when you roll over the street with, you know, you feel the impact and then it's like you are rolling over road debris, and then it's just seeing the junk of the car flying past the windows. >> the victims who were killed or injured were riding in that s.u.v.. two adults pronounced dead at the scene. the baby was ejected. a fourth person is in serious condition. six people on the train were slightly injured. in santa barbara county, santa maria police have shot and killed a fellow officer.
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they say he was under investigation for sexual misconduct with a minor. police say the officer was manning a dui checkpoint yesterday morning when fellow officers came to arrest him for his alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl. police say he physically resisted arrest and fired his gun and that's where another officer fired him once in the chest. there's a growing frenzy this morning about men low park's facebook plans to finally go public. the paperwork for an initial public stock offering could be filed in the next few days. here's abcs report. >> it's the kind of success most only dream of. as a teenager mark zuckerberger came up with from the idea in his dorm room in harvard. >> these guys need each other and i need their e-mail. >> it was in the movie "the social network." >> get your laptop out. >> from that tiny room it spread
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to other colleges and then across the country. within two years they had 5 million users. today the site has 800 million. 40% of everyone on the internet has a facebook account. >> the second most visited website in the world. i mean, just a tremendous success in terms of its social impact in the scope of this company. >> and just how big is that scope? we posted the question, where else, but on facebook. >> the question we are asking is how is facebook part of your everyday life? >> within seconds the comments were rolling in. this is how i keep in touch with all of my friends. i check it every five minutes. and facebook is my life. two years ago diane sawyer asked him frequently when he planned to take the company public. >> when it makes sense. we aren't running the company to do that. >> but now there are reports paperwork could be filed as early as wednesday, leaving
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their owners smiling all the way to the bank. when google went public the company was valued at $23 million. facebook is expected to be work three or four that much, up to 100 billion, with merome to go. where every day investors buy into the hype? >> and that was mohamed reporting. if the ipo goes forward, mark zuckerberg's personal worth expected to be about $20 billion. our meteorologist lisa is here now talking about the accuweather forecast. >> we have some high clouds out there so it's not as cold. mid-30s instead of upper 20s out there. we are talking about a couple degrees of cooling today. maybe a few sprinkles so that means some changes. i will explain coming up. >> all right. also next, saint mary's heads to utah with the gales ran wild over byu ♪
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yeah. the spectrum is from lg. and the r2 unit is from... from naboo. naboo. yeah. the spectrum's got a 4.5" screen, fits nicely in your hand. r2-d2 needs a starfighter. starfighter ? that's like a million dollars in gas. yeah, it's pricey. it's got verizon's 4g lte for lightspeed downloads and a true hd screen to watch movies. i'm going to go with the... it's a good choice. ... phone. the lg spectrum powered by verizon 4g lte, for true hd mobile entertainment. >> just another beautiful day in paradise, i guess. >> yeah, and the small opportunity to see some rain. just looks like the north bay in sonoma county. running far behind in february. as we head outside, it is a very quiet out there. that's not too hard to take on a sunday. we are looking at the changes
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coming in later on today. if you want to head out for anything you need to do, no problems out there because it looks like if we see any rain at all, it's not going to happen until the overnight hours. what we do see may be just a couple hundredth, this morning talking about mid-30s from santa rosa, 39 in napa. 49 san francisco. 41 in san jose. our highlights, well, we are talking about, once again, some sunshine but also mixed in with some higher clouds. we will see temperatures come down maybe two, three degrees today with the possibility of the showers visiting sonoma county, maybe marin county later on. we've had high pressure, the offshore flow to the east of us. today that relaxes a bit, and this trough will slowly edge to the eastern pacific. as it does, it will weaken the high and allow for a late-day sea breeze. that will in turn bring the temperatures from the upper 60s to the mid-60s. still mild across much of the
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state. temperatures in the sierra nevada go up. we were in the upper 40s yesterday. 50 today. 56 in yosemite. hard to believe for the endñç of january, despite the trend we've had all winter long. it doesn't seem right, does it? 76 los angeles. here's the way the rest of the day will play out. you notice the high, the mid-level clouds and by the overnight hours you notice the green, just a little built of it in the north bay. perhaps you will get a sprinkle or a light shower on your way into work tomorrow, or if you are heading out early for any reason. and then by the afternoon, 10:00, we are talking partly cloudy conditions. high temperatures around the bay today, low to mid-60s. that will bring us down maybe 2, 4 degrees with mid-level clouds around. should be a nice afternoon again. 66 on the peninsula. upper 60s in watsonville with 70 in salinas. we are looking at temperatures, then, climbing after that weak little system. we will start out with today
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with temperatures in the mid-and upper 60s. in some spots a slight chance of showers overnight into tomorrow. then partly cloudy skies, a little cooler tuesday. another weak system keeps the numbers in the low 60s wednesday. maybe a north bay sprinkle. i don't even have it on there, thursday, friday, saturday the ridge rebounds. >> you have that little groundhog there. >> you saw him peeking out. >> yeah. >> well, you said it. it does not seem right. >> not much of a winter at all. >> all right. thank you, lisa. let's check out sports. this morning the oakland a's are holding the team's fan fest at oracle arena. in college hoops tonight stanford and cal clash. last night the 20th ranked saint mary's gaels battled byu here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. we will tipoff with a little college basketball a lot of hoop fans don't realize byu is in our conference in every sport but
5:23 am
football. a sometimes out of control crowd in provo, clint was red hot knocking down his first 3 threes. gaels by 12 at the break. where is walled oh, brad walled owe? led the way for saint mary's and i don't know. in the paint with a great feed. walled dough was everywhere. another two-handed stuff. 19 points, 11 boards. gaels make it 11 straight wins, now 21-2 with an 80-66 final. usf hosting san diego. dons looking for their fourth win. michael williams did his democrat from downtown. 4 of 6 from three-point land. don an even 5-54 conference after the victory. and the stanford women busing their 73 game win streak on the line yesterday as they hosted gal in the big game.
5:24 am
tony goes baseline in connects. she had 18. cardinals led by her here. she 27 points, 1 rebounds. big day for cal. finishing the fast break, she had 17. surpassed 1,000 for her career. cal trailed by 9 at the break. berkeley high's brittney, she had 19. bears for the final and go to o. t. but just too much. scores three points in the extra session. stanford hangs on 74-71, improving to 9-0 in pac-12 play. the stanford hosts the bears today. stanford is a game behind first and bears are in first in the pac-is it 11. she's are similar teams driven by big men. the coach is looking forward to the match-up. >> you plan your rival. proximity of the schools is that close, it will create a terrific environment and has been. every game has been spirited, every game has been competitive.
5:25 am
i've enjoyed competing in it. >> all right. after a great season with the 49ers, rookie defensive end aldon smith got himself into some trouble early saturday morning in miami. he was charged with driving under the influence at miami beach. this is his mug shot. the records show he was booked saturday morning and held on a $1,000 bond. he was draft at a seventh overall pick in 2011. during his rookie season he had 14 sax, a franchise record. he also ranked first in the nfl with sax among rang kiss. they are monitoring his ongoing legal matter. >> something a also offtrack last night. ama super cross championship racing at the coliseum in oakland. a considerably different look teas and raiders home field. they spent the last couple days playing over the plywood and plastic on the field then covered it with dirt. these are professionals but accidents happen. a couple in this event. and james thomas won the super
5:26 am
high class. stuart also won the event last year. from the dirt to the snow. snowboard and slopes at the x games. check out mark hack morris. he wins gold for second straight night. the 18-year-old becomes the first snowboarder to win double gold at the x games since shaun white in 2009. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> next at 5:30 there's a move in san jose to follow in san francisco's footsteps and raise the minimum wage. >> we are at this time putting colleges on notice. >> president obama puts universities on notice when tuition fees go up, federal funding will go down.
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>> welcome back. the oakland police are sorting out the charges against some 300 oakland protestors. they were arrested during the day and night of clashes that left city hall damaged. the group marched on the closed convention center where they were met by police firing flash bangs, bone bags and tier gas. demonstrators threw rocks, and objects at police. three officers were injured. protestors ran away but regrouped last night. they swarmed a ymca building with police had them surrounded. all those demonstrators were taken into custody. a second group broke into city hall and damaged art work and burned an american flag. oakland leaders are outraged. >> occupy oakland has to stop using oakland as its playground. people in the occupy movement and the city have to stop making excuses for this behavior. >> basically, in my opinion, it amounts to kind of domestic
5:30 am
terrorism when the people start taking buildings and it start costing the city an incredible amount of resources. >> occupy oakland blames the violence on police using heavy handed tactics to break up what was planned to be a peaceful occupation of an empty building. police say the groups tweets and internet postings have been calling for acts of violence and vandalism for days. we have some photos taken by our media partner, the san jose mercury news. this was taken as oakland police attempted to remove protestors from city hall where the remnants of an american flag -- the remnants burn on the front steps. and this was the scene minutes before when a woman was pleading. you see her there with protestors to not burn the flag. on areiously they did so anyway. the cost of a college education has been soaring for years now. president obama has stepped forward with a plan to put the brakes on rising fees and to reform how students get financial aid.
5:31 am
here's abc7s wayne freedman with reaction from u. c. berkeley where fees have gone up 2,000% since the 1970s. >> as parents tell their kids this is the best time of their lives, the college years, a time without worries, except for the problem of paying. >> how much in debt are you? >> i would rather not say. >> which explains president obama's popularity when he came to the very public university of michigan and found a receptive audience. >> we are putting colleges on notice, you can't keep -- you can't assume that you will just jack up tuition every single year. if you can't stop tuition from going up, then the fund you get from taxpayers each year will go down. we should push colleges to do better. we should hold them accountable if they don't. >> this is campaign, it's not governing, no. >> san francisco state political science professor knows a thing or two about tuition inflation. the ph.d. he earned from the
5:32 am
college cost $7,000 some 40 years ago. >> the president spoke to one. his big constituents, college students. and he made an apole to them on the basis of trying to gather their support for the poll election. >> rising fees have certainly become a potent issue at u. c. berkeley where price increases and program cuts have followed in line with the state's budget woes. >> it's ten times what it was when my mom went to school which sounds ridiculous, but it's ridiculous. >> especially in california. federal money being pulled is not a threat. our budget with california is so screwed up to begin with. >> the specifics remain vague. he wants a billion dollars to spread among states who reform their educational systems. for present college students, who must already begin their working debts in lives, those reforms would come too late. for frank luna, way too late. >> i'm supposed to finish the semester but i would like to -- i had hoped to get into the honors program which would
5:33 am
extend me one more semester. and i would have to take out another loan. it will probably help me get into grad school. if that's my goal i guess i am going to have to take out -- unhappily take out another loan. >> we tried all day to get reaction from this from local community and college administrators. this came from california president mark g. it reads in part we are pleased the president is looking at ways to reward institution that is are graduating more low income students. we look forward to working with the obama administration and congress on these proposals as they move forward." in the newsroom, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and more about college kids. san jose may join san francisco in raising the minimum wage. students at san jose state are the ones pushing a ballot initiative to increase the city's minimum wage to double digits. corina reports. >> at a time when tuition costs
5:34 am
have doubled the past five years and gas is close to four dollars a gallon, some san jose state university students say california's eight dollars an hour minimum wage simply isn't enough in silicone valley. >> there's poverty, there's homelessness when america has the capability to do so much better. >> the student group, campus alliance for economic justice is supporting a citywide ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to two dollars to ten dollars an hour. they to three neighboring states, nevada, oregon and washington, who all have higher minimum wages, and the city of san francisco which has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $10.24. supporters of the effort say san jose needs to follow san francisco's lead. >> the people and citizens of san francisco are more aware of the problems of the people as a mass and they understand if you take care of the mass, the mass will then take care of the whole. >> many small business owners are expected to fight back. josh mcgee started four street
5:35 am
pizza five years ago. he has about 25 employees, most of them making minimum wage. >> it's tough enough in a business like ours to pass that costs on to customers. you any, so two dollars an hour extra in the minimum wage would definitely be a tough below. >> voters, though, could be influenced by the occupy wall street sentiment, challenging thed 9% to speak up. >> i think it should be raised to at least 9:50 or ten dollars, yes. >> the group will try to get about 20,000 signatures to put the initiative before voters in november. in san jose, corina rusk, abc7 news. >> there's an interesting job opportunity in richmond. perfect for a couple who likes the seashore, people, free room and board, as well as health benefits and a salary of $100,000 a year. the job is for in keepers at the
5:36 am
east brother lighthouse in richmond. owned by the coast guard, the lighthouse has been operated as a bed and breakfast for 33 years. but officials say you need to know your way around a kitchen, plus have a commercial boat operator's license so we don't know either of those things, cooking or piloting a book. >> not so much. >> but you do know about weather. >> yeah. thanks. we have a few higher clouds, and that's just taking the edge off the frost in the north bay. in the 40s there. more clouds today, could lead to some rain hopefully. we will talk about it coming up. >> all right. also ahead, a local research team uncovers something new about alzheimer's disease. find out what you can do to reduce your risk. and don't forget, you can experience the oscars starting now on predict the winner, watch exclusive live video from the red carpet and go backstage
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>> welcome back. time right now is 5:39. here's a leave look from our sutro cam showing you the beauty of the bay. thanks for joining us on this last sunday in january. we appreciate your company. sit back, relax, and continue to watch the abc7 sunday morning news. you know about talking to neighbors over the backyard fence may seem old-fashioned but a new network has created unique way to foster those friendships. david loui points out it can also save lives. myles mckay has been robinson keeps fit by rowing but last summer he contracted bacterial meningitis, putting
5:40 am
people he had seen in the previous week at risk. >> we were overwhelmed by the fact he was in icu and now we had to search and try to find all these people he may have infected. >> miles' mom went to her laptop and logged on to "next it's an online network designed to link neighbors in close proximity. his case was a health emergency but next door is more commonly used to get neighbors to share tips to find a babysitter, gardiner or to discuss community issues. he has 28 next door neighborhood groups. the city is enthusiastic about it. >> next #* door provides anybody's to get to know neighbors. >> it also address as growing problem. >> i know my neighbors on my heft and right but i have no idea who is living across from me, down the street a bit at all anymore. >> it takes ten households to start a group. next door networks have been created in 974 neighbors in 43
5:41 am
states. the ceo and cofounder of next door. >> it's not like a facebook or twitter where you are talking to people you will never meet in person. it's been strengthening and amplifying real world relationship that already exists. >> it opens dialogue that can even save lives. >> i was grateful. all my friends, family and their parents were able to get the message so they could take the antibiotics because a lot of them could be dead right now. >> the number of neighbors being brought together by next door is growing. ten new neighbors added every day n redwood city, david loui, abc7 news. >> groundhog's day is coming up on thursday and forget which way it is. if he sees the shadow or -- >> it doesn't matter now. we haven't even had winter. >> take that. >> still a threat of rain, running about 30, 40% of normal
5:42 am
outside in terms of the rainfall deficit. are we going to catch up? well, this week a couple chances of rain, but nothing too significant. so right now mice and quiet out there with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we do have high clouds. that is allowing for the fog to stay away, as well as the frost. so we are talking upper 40s in san francisco, 45 in oakland with 39 in napa. and 38 in mountain view. so in terms of where we were yesterday, we were much colder. in fact, we were 8 degrees colder. this morning basically everyone is sitting a bit warmer except for livermore. and on the coast. yesterday it was 55 half moon bay. still not too hard to take this morning. pretty mild start. we will look for once again temperatures above the average. partly cloudy on the cool side to start. higher clouds and that's in advance after weak weather system that will move across the area overnight tonight, bringing the possibility of showers to
5:43 am
sonoma county, marin county, maybe on into our east bay. here's a look at our water vapor imagery. you will notice we have some clouds to the north and that weak system, a couple weak systems in the days ahead. the first one here will stay pretty much to the north and west today. that will allow for some sunshine, some filtered sunshine, especially during the afternoon when we look for a little bit more in the way of clouds. but out ahead of it we get the wind shift. we will see temperatures today just about the same. but as you head east, we are still very mild with 60s in the sacramento valley, mid-50s in the sierra nevada, 76 in los angeles. we will be looking at more clouds around today. then by the later evening hours, there's the rain line, well to the north. the rain pushes through, or the sprinkles, i should say. start out cloudy monday morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon with temperatures in the 60s again.
5:44 am
so 64 today in sunyvale. 56 campbell. on the peninsula looking at low 60s coast, 65 in men low park and mountain view with san francisco coming in at 63 degrees today in the north bay. numbers range from the low 60s by vallejo and napa. 64 novato near east bay. a couple mid-60s. partly cloudy and 65 in concord, as well as livermore. once again, nice mild afternoon. a couple of changes towards the afternoon with more of a sea breeze here. we saw some 70s yesterday. still upper 60s around watsonville with 6 a in monterey. increasing clouds late in the afternoon. higher clouds for everyone. we will see the cooler weather tomorrow. if anything, a couple hundreds inches of rain. the numbers are in the low 60s and we will see the numbers
5:45 am
rebound after that. boy, low 60s, big cool down, right? >> yeah, right. there's hope for february, though, in terms of rain. isn't that the rainiest month of the year? >> and even march, too. >> generally? >> yeah. >> okay. >> we are still hoping that it comes. >> thank you, lisa. a new study from u. c. berkeley has uncovered physical evidence that people who challenge themselves intellectually could be decreasing their risk of developing alzheimer's disease and the clues are visible in their brains. here's carolyn johnson with the details. >> just finishing a crossword puzzle can be difficult once alzheimer's disease has set in but researchers have long suspected continuing activities during the lifetime can keep it at bay. they have taken the notion of use it or lose it a step further by studying deposits of plaques in the brain which is believed to be link today alzheimer's. >> what the study shows it is
5:46 am
not just a matter of protecting you from the effects of it, we think the cognitive activity may result in less being deposited. >> they traced the behavioral behavior of healthy adults and specifically how much intellectual challenge they have had from over the decades, everything from regular read to go doing crossed word puzzles. then they began probing their subjects' brains with pet scans. >> the more could cognitive acte they were, the less of this plaque they had in their brain. >> a lot of people with memory disorders tend not to do cognitively challenging things during their life time. >> the doctor is an alzheimer's researcher in san francisco. he says while the precise cause of memory loss is still unclear, delaying the onset of alzheimer's can be critical because of the unique characteristics of the disease. >> one of them is the later in life it begins, the slower the progression of it.
5:47 am
we haven't really answered that question to anyone's true satisfaction as to why people who develop alzheimer's disease earlier in life tend to have a more rapid course. >> the berkeley study did not confirm whether increasing intellectual activity later in life would have a similar effect in slowing the accumulation of the plaque. they are planning a follow-up study using function malmri, trying to confirm the link between activity and the development of the plaque in the brain. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> for people at risk of alzheimer's, doctors recommend walking an hour a day and engaging in intellectual challenges like reading and taking vitamins. go to and look under "see it on tv." up next, michael finney, reports on the new rules that helps ensureñññññññññ?xxxiqúqú
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5:50 am
>> if a disaster strikes is your home fully insured? new rules in effect to make sure. >> when a disaster hits homeowners are happy they paid for insurance, most homeowners. some find all those payments have bought less than what they need. >> people so often, after they have a large loss, find out that they have less insurance than they thought they had, or they come up against an exclusion that they had no idea was in their policy. >> to help homeowners from being underinsured, the california department of insurance has put in place new rules. amy heads up united policyholders. she said insurance brokers and agents don't have to help you come up with an insurance figure, but if they do, those numbers must be based on reality. >> if your agent or broker gives you a number and says this is
5:51 am
how much dwelling protection you need, how much insurance you need on your home, they can't just pull that number out of thin air. they actually have to do a calculation. >> the new rules say brokers and agents must be trained and the training needs to be ongoing. now the good brokers and agents are already doing much of this. however, the industry as a whole is not thrilled with being held to the new standards. >> people selling you the insurance real don't want to be responsible for making that recommendation. and if push comes to shove and it turns out that they were wrong, then they are off the hook legally and you are left holding the bag thinking, wait a minute, i relied on this person, what is the commission for? >> there is a lawsuit by the insurance companies to career turn the rules but at this point those rules are still in effect. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, the remarkable glen close and the
5:52 am
film that's taken her 30 years to get to the big screen. osososs
5:53 am
>> here or the winning numbers
5:54 am
from last night's soup he lotto plus. again, no one correctly picked all six numbers. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $8 million. glenn close has received her sixth oscar nomination in the best actress category for playing a man. her new movie opened in theaters this weekend and she tells arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez it took 30 years to get it made. >> she prefers roses. >> albert nobs, butler in an upscale hotel in the 1930s. soft-spoken. but he has a secret. >> a woman disguised as a man because women couldn't get decent jobs now. albert nob is glenn close. >> the story is very powerful. it's just emotionally powerful. it's the kind of story that we
5:55 am
all are looking for all the time. >> and there are tragic consequences. she did the roll-off broadway 30 years ago, and she's wanted to make it into a film. it's been a struggle. >> what is it about albert nobs that got under your skin? >> the character. the character. very, very different. the story is very, very different. and you think it's about one thing, but i think it's about a lot of other things, as well. >> and it gets complicated. >> a woman could serve at the counter. >> you around thinking of taking -- >> their truth is not necessarily what they are presenting to the world. because i also think it's a very human straight. i think all of us are spectacular at covering up 99% of what we are usually thinking and feeling at any different time. >> this timid man is so different from her role like alice in fatal attraction or correla deville. her transformation began in her
5:56 am
dressing room. >> it came a point it wasn't me anymore, and again, it was amazing. even the last day of shooting. i was like, whew, you pass yourself and look in a mirror. >> it earned her a deserved oscar nomination. abc7 news. >> the 84th annual academy awards will be handed out sunday, february 26th, starting at 5:30. you can watch it all right here on abc7. hollywood's most watched evening begins with the road to gold. an academy award review beginning at 12:30 and then the red carpet and then the big show. you can download our oscar app for iphones, ipads and ipods. it gives you exclusive video from the red carpet and from backstage during the show. we have a link at abc7 news under see it on tv.
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the san francisco zoo celebrates the lunar new year today with chinese acrobats and other activities. this year's chinese new year's activities have a very special guest, a real life trying gone. tully is a bearded dragon from australia. he was donated to the zoo last year. as luck has it he's now the main attraction for the lunar new year celebration. this is, after all, the year of the dragon. anyone born on the year of the dragon or in the year of the dragon can get in free today. coming up next at six, police arrest hundreds of occupy oakland protestors in their latest demonstration. also, a teen accused of murdering his parents. hey guys, breakfast! ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal,
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